The estate offers outstanding stalking for Roe, Zika and Red deer, both stags and hinds. The stags are most common during the month of October while hinds are available from October to February.

Guide is mandatory and rifle can be lend at a fee.



Loch Knockie is one of the better lochs in the highland and with the right conditions it will produce a mixed basket of fish from 10ozs to 1lb. Fishing rights of Loch Knockie is shared with five other holders.

Loch Nan Lann is privately owned by the Estate and is widely seen as one of the best lakes in the highland for trout fishing. Opportunity to fish without disturbance from other fishers.

Boat is available for rent at Loch Knockie. Please pay using the honesty box in the boat house (see location on map). Contact us for more information.



The estate can offer a full day of driven pheasant and partridges with an average bag of 50-100 birds. The season ranges from November to January depending on weather. Normal group is 6-10 guns.


The estate can also offer various kind of walk up sessions for parties of various sizes.




The estate offers about 2000 acres of land with several scenic hiking routes. It is free to walk the land without notice. hiking maps and access to amenities can be purchased for 10 pounds



Knockie Lodge, Inverness

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