The oldest parts of Knockie Lodge dates back to 1789 but records show that there were earlier, albeit more modest buildings, dating further back.

The lodge has been home to many proud Scottish clans and families over the years and was used as a hotel during the late 1900s. The current owners acquired the Estate in 2017.

The actual Estate however dates back all the way to the early 1300s when the Macdonald clan raided the lands. However, details about the usage of the Estate remains unclear.


The classic highland Estate is situated on the river bank of Loch Ness, close to Whitebridge and Foyer falls, only 27 miles south of Inverness.

Fastest route to the Estate from Inverness is to drive the A9 south towards Perth and exit the highway towards Fort Augusts (B851). Continue straights for about 13.5 miles before taking a left on to B862 towards Foyer. Continue straight for about 10 miles before reaching Whitebridge hotel on your right. About 2-4 minutes after the hotel you will see a sign on the left directing you to the Estate.


This scenic estate offers some of the best trout fly fishing in Scotland as well as first class bird shooting and deer stalking.


This family owned Estate is ideal for groups of avid fishers or shooters that want to experience Scottish sporting.


Knockie Lodge, Inverness

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